Leadership CRISIS

A look into election compaign for by-election in NA 55 Rawalpindi gives an insight into the political mindset of our politicians and the deepening leadership crisis in the country. The ruling party in Punjab vacated the seat, setting high standards of morality that a person involved in fraud cannot deserve a seat to national assembly. Why is this that such high standards are only laid down for ordinary party workers and not for the hereditary top leadership of the same? Had Ch Nisar Ali khan been found in the same case, how would the party have reacted? And right now, what are they compaigning for? Votes once again votes from the same people whom they let down before Sheikh Rasheed more than once during past two years?

People's party didn't send their candidate even. The ambiguity is so much there that even party leadership doesn't know whether this has been done to support PMLN or to support Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad against them. The remnants of Musharraf are again poking their ugly heads in the form of AML PMLQ PPPP silent coalition.

Imran Khan has nominated Ijaz Khan, the man who got 136 votes as an independant candidate in previous elections. What a crisis. Leadership crisis. In addition to sugar, flour, electricity, gas, petrol and other countless crises, we have crisis of leadership at its peak now. I heard them compaigning, saying that members of larger parties are afraid of leaders, leaders are afraid of America, no one is afraid of Almighty Allah. And these words were said by none other than Sheikh Rashid Ahmad.

Imran Khan has been a ray of hope for the people. He has refused to the agencies-funded politics and claims a vision for the masses. While he is not currept and seems quite clean as a politician, even he has failed to fill the gap. He speaks of problems faced by common people but in 15 years of his existance as chairman of a political party, he hasn't been able to get out of "neutral empires" and "fighting till the last delievery" phrases. Masses need a leader and if he cannot become what they need by himself alone, he must let someone guide him. His stubborness often stops him from listening to even some sincere voices around him.

I wish good luck to all three candidates of NA 55 on 24 February 2010.

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